“I consider food to be ‘wasted’ when an edible item goes unconsumed as a result of human action or inaction. There is culpability in waste. Whether it’s from an individual’s choice, a business mistake, or a government policy, most food waste stems from decisions made somewhere between farm and fork.”


                        – Jonathan Bloom, American Wasteland


Food Not Waste was founded in 2014 by University of Waterloo student Elle Crevits. With a passion for the environment and making a significant change in her community, Elle has set out to reduce food waste throughout the value chain. Food Not Waste partners with businesses to redistribute surplus food for emergency food services, animal feed, and compost. With Food Not Waste, your company can positively impact the environment, your community, and your bottom line. Find out more about becoming Food Waste Free certified.




  • Food Not Waste is part of the network for service of over 34,000 people accessing food assistance programs


  • Of all the food that is donated, 88% is fresh produce, which provides much needed nourishment to families in need


  • Food Not Waste connects a wide audience of people and community members, mobilizing volunteers and bridging opportunities between youth and volunteers