Food Waste Free Certification


Food Not Waste works with local businesses and food retailers to facilitate effective food redistribution and reclamation. If you operate a retail venue or manage a community food organization and would like to expand on your current efforts to reduce hunger and food waste in the community, we'd love to help. Contact our team to learn more about the steps to becoming Food Waste Free Certified.




Food Not Waste currently operates a pick-up service for your organization's food surplus. In order to provide an adequate food redistribution service for your company, we require you to track food waste for a minimum of one month prior to receiving this service. Food Not Waste is currently acquiring customers to begin weekly pickups. Become a priority member by contacting us today.


Get in Touch


If you're interested in learning about your company's current food waste and/or getting involved with Food Not Waste through any of our services, please get in touch!



Through an initial consultation, we learn about your organization and its goals. Based on your needs, we provide food waste tracking mechanisms that are personalized to your business and easy to implement. After a month of tracking your company's waste, we analyze your data and provide a report that includes current waste costs and recommendations with a threefold impact:


  1. Estimated total savings

  2. Greenhouse gas emission reduction

  3. Potential community impact




Food waste reduction distinguishes your company as one worth recognizing. Not only is Food Not Waste connected to a large social network, but they provide complementary videography of your organization's food waste reduction journey. Once your organization becomes Food Waste Free certified, you'll receive top placement on our partners page.