Elle Crevits
Co-founder & CEO

Elle is an Arts and Business, Peace and Conflict Studies student at the University of Waterloo with a mission to reduce food waste. Having grown up in the farming community, hard work and simple living are a core part of who she is. And after moving from a small town to Waterloo, her eyes were opened to the wide range of opportunities surrounding environmental protection and community building in urban areas.


Elle is inspired by the amazing work being done in the region by organizations she's volunteered for, including the Food Bank, The Working Centre, Ray of Hope, and the United Way. Impressed by these organizations efforts, Elle saw the opportunity to connect them with for-profit businesses. With the goal of making these relationships mutually beneficial, Elle started Food Not Waste.

Jonathan Ramzan
Co-founder & COO

Jonathan has a BA in Environmental Studies and Business from the University of Waterloo. He’s passionate about creating sustainable systems for the future. Being born and raised in the Waterloo Region, he feels strongly about building a company in a place that has provided him with so many opportunities.


Jonathan has benefited from a variety of experiences ranging from working on furthering energy conservation at the Ontario Power Authority, to planning satellite missions at the Canadian Space Agency. He held an executive position at the Federation of Students Food Bank at the University of Waterloo, working with restaurants in the community for close to five years. Jonathan uses his diverse knowledge to examine issues surrounding food waste from a multi-dimensional perspective in pursuit of a food waste free system.